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Friends Forever



One of the things that pisses me off the most is the common belief that Aerith and Tifa were enemies. Am I the only one who has actually PLAYED the game and seen that they were friends? The way I see it, though the two WERE rivals for Cloud's affections, they didn't let that come between them or ruin their friendship. From the moment they first met, Aerith and Tifa seemed to enjoy each other's company(Don Corneo's mansion).
Cloud:I probably don't need to ask, but...the other girl is me, right?
Tifa:You're right. There was no need...
Aerith:...to ask.
Now, I'm not sure if that's exact, but it's pretty close! :)
I know there was a BIT of tension between them, but they loved the same guy! It's to be expected. After all, as much as some of us would like to believe, neither one was perfect. :)
Besides, there were more than enough signs that they were friends. Notice how almost every time the party spilts up, Tifa and Aerith are usually sitting or talking together. (Junon & Cosmo Canyon) If they couldn't stand each other, why would they be hanging out together?
And Aerith's death... *sniffles* Tifa kneels beside her and wistfully touches her face, as if she's hoping against hope that her friends will open her eyes. When the horribles truth hits her, Tifa runs from the alter crying. She wouldn't have acted that way had she hated her.
Even in the end when Cloud tells Tifa, "I think I can meet her..there..." she looks sad for a moment, then looks down, closes her eyes and smiles, replying, "Yeah...Let's go meet her...". It seems she wants more than anything to see her deceased friends as well.
Now...I hope I have convinced you that Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockheart were not enemies in the least, but true friends... :)

Aerith: You tell 'em!
Tifa: Yeah!