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Friends: the official fanfic of the Friends Forever shrine!
Friends Forever

by: myself(Aerith Peacecraft/Elly Gainsborough)
*Some of you might have seen this fic on Angel Zephyr's Tifa site "7th Heaven." Go to her site if you haven't! It's great!!!!


And....it's up! Well, sorta. Zephyr let me link to the page on her site where my story is. Thank you, Zephyr! *hugs* And I'm adding links to the character profile sections...so GO TO HER SITE!!!

Oh No! Not Another Final Fantasy VII Page!

Whenever I go to this webpage I think, how can one man have so much talent? Seriously...Frank is the author of the incredibly incredible (too much Chrono Cross for Elly) Final Fantasy VII Internet Series. If you're a Final Fantasy VII fan and you haven't read this series, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!! Living in a hole?!! Anyway...the point is...GO TO THIS SITE NOW!!!


Again, artist, email if you want recognition or removal!

Aerith: You can go read the story now!
Tifa: Yeah!!!
Elly: You can thank Zephyr. I probably wouldn't have gotten it up this soon if not for her!
Aerith & Tifa: THANK YOU, ZEPHYR!!!