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Friends Forever


This is my first fanart on the net! My neighbor allowed me to use her scanner to put some of my art up on the site! Thanks Elmyra! I know it isn't THAT good, but it's alright, I suppose. I doubt anyone would want to put it up on their website, but if you do, just be sure to give me, Aerith Peacecraft or Elly(whichever you prefer to call me) credit for it, okay? :)

An Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockheart shrine

Konnichi-wa! Welcome to my Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockheart Shrine! ...Before some of you start getting ideas, this is NOT THAT kind of shrine, okay? Surfing the net, you'll see a lot of sites dedicated to either Tifa or Aerith, and this is probably one of the first you'll EVER see dedicated to both of them! :) It's sort of a symbol of the friendship I believe they shared throughout the course of the game. I HATE all the wars between Aerith and Tifa fans that despise each other simply because of a difference in opinions. You all know what I'm talking about... -_-;
This is my attempt to make peace between the fans!..or at least offer proof that the two weren't the enemies certain people make them out to be. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my site!!! :)


Totally Awards!

I got an award! Someone thought my little site was actually GOOD! And I didn't even hold a gun to their heads! Anyway, go to this kick arse site now! It has tons of awards for ANY kind of FFVII character site!!! Again...thank you so much for my first (maybe even last) award!

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I got my first member in my little club and my first "Ask Tifa and Aerith" question! Remember...if you want to join the club OR ask a question, send it to! The tripod one got screwed up... Also, I added some more defenses and...I think that's it!

Aug. 30--
Adopted my very own Aerith, as you can see! Also... today's my birthday!!! Yeah! I'm a whole 17 years old! *nods head* I just hope Tifa and Aerith don't throw me a surprise party or anything...

Aug. 27-
Added the fanfic! Finally...
Also, some links are up in the Tifa section to some nice Tifa pages! Go visit them! I'll have some Aerith links up in a bit! :)
And, as always, sign the guestbook!


Adopt an Aeris

I've adopted an Aerith! Go to the link above to adopt your own Aerith. Of course, there she is refered to as Aeris...but that's beside the point! I plan to adopt a couple more FF7 and 8 characters, since I'm going to put up an FF8 page soon, Squall and Rinoa to be exact! :)






Welcome to Midgar

I've just adopted some more little chibis of the FF7 characters! These come from a great, little, choose - your - own - way site called Midgar. They have HUGE selection of adoptees from FF7 and FF8. If you want to adopt anyone from Cloud Strife to Yuffie to Squall and Headmaster Cid, go there. The link is above! :)

Quick disclaimer:
Aerith Gainsborough, Tifa Lockheart, and all other characters from Final Fantasy 7 are NOT owned by me! They all belong to Squaresoft! So, please don't sue me or anything!!!

Also a warning:
Anyone asking for hentai or porn pics of Tifa and/or Aerith, will be promptly turned down! You may receive a verbal beating as well! So just DON'T ASK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!