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Aerith Gainsborough(Aeris)
Friends Forever


Aerith's Profile

Name: Aerith(Aeris) Gainsborough(Gast)
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Occupation: Flower Merchant
Race: 1/2 human and Cetra

Aerith is a lovely flower seller with a quirky sense of humor. We first meet her after the bombing of Reactor 1. Cloud buys a flower from her and they part ways until later on when he literally comes crashing in on her Church in the Sector 5 slums. It was there that the two struck up an acquaintance which forever altered Aerith's destiny. The evil ShinRa corrporation had pursued her most of her life because of her background as a Cetra and she hires Cloud to be her bodyguard, a job which he quickly excepts for the price of a date with her. As the game progresses, she slowly learns more and more about her race and her destiny to save the Planet...

Aerith is murdered by the bloodthirsty Sephiroth while she is praying for HOLY, the ultimate white magic, to come and counter METEOR, the ultimate black magic. While Cloud watches, unable to move, Sephiroth pierces her with his Masamune and ends her short life. The party each in turn pays their respects to Aerith and Cloud sadly lays her body to rest in the Ancient Lake. Sephitorth's aclaimed ultimate victory has become his ultimate mistake...

Everlasting Love

This is a WONDERFUL Aerith and Cloud page! The navigation can be kinda tricky and the pic for the front page won't show up on my browser, but the content is EXCELLENT! Great resource for Aerith and Cloud fans! CloTi fans, be warned that unless you have an open mind, you may be offended by this page! The webmistress isn't mean about Tifa, she even says she's her second favorite character, but she's pro Aerith and Cloud all the way. So, go there with caution!


This pic is done by Ari and Minmei! One of my fave Aerith fanarts!

Level 1:
-Healing Wind(A gentle breeze restores the party's HP)
-Seal Evil(An entire group of enemies is stopped and silenced)
Level 2:
-Breath of the Earth(The party is cured of all status ailments)
-Fury Brand(The party's limit gauges are filled to the max)
Level 3:
-Planet Protector(The party is made temporarily invincible)
-Pulse of Life(The party's HP and MP are completely restored
and all negative status ailments are relieved)
Level 4:
-Great Gospel(The party is completely healed and made temporarily invincible)
***If you want to know how to get Great Gospel before Aerith's death, email me and I'll tell you!***

Aerith: All about me!
Tifa: Yep! And my page is next!