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Tifa Lockheart
Friends Forever



Name: Tifa Lockheart
Hair: Dark brown
Occupation:Bar Hostess/AVALANCHE member
Weapon: Glove
Race: Human

Character Description:
Tifa is an old, childhood acquaintance of Cloud's, and though she finds it difficult to admit, she has strong feelings for him. It is Tifa who convinces Cloud to join AVALANCHE. Her bar, Seventh Heaven, is popular hangout for not only AVALANCHE, but other residents in the Sector 7 slums. A strong fighter as well as an optimist, Tifa is an excellent asset to the party of Final Fantasy 7!

Tifa Links:

Seventh Heaven

I absolutely LOVE this page! It can be so hard to find good Tifa pages that don't hate Aerith...but this is one of them!


Ruby Eyes

Another GREAT Tifa site! This is Razynne's site, which I absolutely love! She's done a great job with it, so why not check it out? :) Oh! And I'm also a proud member of Project: T.I.F.A.- Tifa is finally appreciated! Go to Ruby Eyes to join, if you'd like! It's a great cause!


I know, I know! The pic is a CloTi pic! My other Tifa pic wouldn't work though! And I love this one!

LIMIT BREAKS!!!(all of Tifa's limits attack one opponent so I'll just list them here. Oh! And you use all the ones you have in a row! ISn't that sweet?!!!)
Level 1:
-Beat Rush
Level 2:
Level 3:
-Dolphin Blow
-Meteor Strike
Level 4:
-Final Heaven

***If you wanna know how to get Final Heaven, email me and I'll tell you!!!***

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Aerith:This is Tifers' page!!!
Tifa:Hey!!! Don't call me that! :( Anyway...Yep, this is moi!