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The Truth about Tifa
Friends Forever


Here I will take on the task of defending Tifa against some completely untrue comments I've heard about her!

1st fallacy-
-Tifa's a slut!
Okay...that is so NOT TRUE!!! Okay, so she COULD have worn a little more! That doesn't make her a slut! Not in the least. Hmph! This is one of the comments that pisses me off the most. People assume that JUST BECAUSE Tifa shows a little skin, she's automatically a slut! Now, sluts act a certain way... They throw themselves all over every man they see in hopes of getting some. Can anyone HONESTLY tell me Tifa acts like that? Hmmm? Thought not. :) Tifa's a sweatheart. She's always nice and kind to everyone. She's just a generally sweet person. So, why do people call her a slut? That just boggles my mind... o_O *sighs*

2nd fallacy-
-Tifa TRIED to break up Aerith and Cloud!
Again, not true. Aerith and Cloud were never shown to be officially TOGETHER in the game. I'd like to think they were, but it never shows that. Besides, Tifa never tried to come between them at all. She was probably a bit jealous that Cloud was beginning to pay more and more attention to Aerith, but, hey, I'D be jealous too! She never plotted to break them apart or kill Aerith or anything. The way I see it is, no matter what anyone thinks happened or didn't happen, Tifa thought that Cloud was falling in love with Aerith and, regardless of whether he was or not and as much as she herself loved him, Tifa would have wanted Cloud to be happy. Also, Aerith was her close friend and she wouldn't want to hurt either of them. She never tried to stop them from growing closer because she was gracious enough to want them both to be happy. I think he DID love Aerith, but that's MY own opinion. Regardless, that's just the kind of person Tifa was. She wanted badly to be with Cloud but desired to see him happy more than anyhting.

3rd fallacy-
-Cloud will NEVER love Tifa! He will ALWAYS love Aerith!
As much as I'd like to see him and Aerith as a couple, I must say this is totally untrue. Tifa-chan deserves a chance to be with Cloud as much as Aerith does and likewise. Besides, how can anyone say for sure that Cloud didn't have feelings for Tifa AS WELL AS Aerith? It happens to be not all that uncommon for a man to be torn between two loves. Besides, a theory I have about the whole situation is that when Cloud met Aerith he fell in love with her, but due to her tragic death, he couldn't be with her in this life. Though he may have thought he could never love again, he found love in Tifa, his childhood acquaintance, once more. While he never stopped loving Aerith, he was able to move on and grow to love Tifa as well, all over again, seeing as though he had a HUGE crush on her as a child. See? It's possible that he got with Tifa! Whether he loved her all along (I'll admit that it all depends on who you favor) or grew to love her again after Aerith's death, it's very feasible that he formed a relationship with her. Plus, I like Tifa alot! She'd have to be my second choice for Cloud's love interest in the game. Yuffie...I'm sorry, but...no. That's just wrong on SO MANY levels!
*Yuffie fans, I like Yuffs too, I just CAN'T picture her with Cloud at ALL!*

Aerith: People call Tifa a slut?!! How awful! She's not a slut!!!
Tifa: Hmph! People are just jealous!!!