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Ask Tifa and Aerith!
Friends Forever

Ever wanted to ask Tifa or Aerith something that's just been nagging away at you? Well, here's your chance! Simply email me at RinoaHeart@angelfire.com with the subject ask Aerith or Tifa, whoever you want to ask, and I'll post it on this page! :) Easy, ne?

I actually got a question! *Elly pulls out an envelope* This one's from my good pal, Amissa Moon! Amissa writes...
"Dear Tifa, would you ever consider going out with Vincent?"
Well, Tifa, what do you say?

Tifa: Ummm...I suppose I'd give him a chance...I dunno...He seems kinda quiet... I tend to go for more fun-loving men... and Cloud too! But Vince is nice and cute...so I say, sure! What the heck!...I don't think it'd ever become serious or anything, though... I like Cloud too much, and he's all for Lucrecia...

The Friends Forever club!
Do you believe Aerith and Tifa are friends? Well, you could join my little club! Well...it's not so much a club as it is a list of people...
The rules:
You don't have to LIKE both Tifa and Aerith. Just admit that they were friends and RESPECT the other members of the club should their opinions differ from your own! That's it!
How to join!
Just email me with your name and email address, obviously, as well as a comment and who your fave FF7 character is and I'll post it on this small section of my page. If you don't want your email to be shown and simply want to show your support for my cause, that's cool too! This more of a penpal/support Elly thing... Hope you join! :)

Members: 1.Aerith Peacecraft(me)
Comment:Heehee! Well, this IS my site!
Fave FF7 character:Aerith Gainsborough

2.Amissa Moon/Tifa-chan
email: thedarkelfpirotess@yahoo.com
comment: Aerith and I are the best of friends! And I come to defend that!!!!!!
Fave FF7 character: well..... of course its Tifa cause she's me...I also
have a soft spot for Vincent.... =).
---I got a member!!!---

email: juliana@home.com
comment: In the game Tifa and
Aeris were (in my opinion) portrayed as friends, so I'm supporting that cause :)
fave FF7 character: Tifa
---I have another member! And I actually didn't hold a gun to her head and force her to join!!!
Thank you, ChibiTifa, for the support! We three stand tall against the Aerith/Tifa fans that are out for each other's blood!

Aerith:Ask us! We know all!
Tifa:And join the club too! :)